Violet Hill


For those of you who follow my Twitter, my new nemesis is not a mystery: violet macarons. I’ve been trying to master (or at least achieve) these beautiful pastries using the colors my friend Angela from ai Love baking sent to me a few months back (she’s marvelous!!).

Well, each attempt was a disaster, and I couldn’t pinpoint the problem. I tried changing the temperature, the baking time, the moment when I incorporated the color… and nothing seemed to work.

In between I took a break and made a batch of chocolate macarons and they were perfect, not a single one was cracked or didn’t rise or was burned… And I noticed that for this recipe, the cocoa was added to the dry ingredients and not to the whites.

I decided to do the same with my violet macarons, add the color to the icing sugar and almond and not to the whites as the recipe said. And it worked!

The only problem was the amount of color; they became purple rain macarons, instead of violet creams. But, hey! After so many attempts I was ready to settle, so here they are.

Last week was actually a macaron week here at home. I was offer the possibility to teach a class on _MG_4125macarons, so I’ve spent the whole week practicing at home. I needed some reassurance, especially after my huge struggle with the violet ones…

Thank God, everything went great, the class was fantastic and all the macarons were perfect. Uff! That was a relief… Of course, now and for the next weeks, I’m in a macaron phobia state of mind…

Here are a few more photos from my class at the Kitchen Community…They were made by a wonderful and talented photographer named Martín Mendez.


Crème de Violet Macarons


  • 200g icing sugar
  • 125g ground almonds
  • 120-125 g egg whites (about 3 eggs)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 30g caster sugar
  • ½ teaspoon of violet essence
  • A pinch of purple powdered food coloring
  • A pinch of  pink powdered food coloring


Put the icing sugar, almonds and a pinch of each dye in the bowl of a food processor (or electric mixer) 5and mix one minute until everything is well combined. Reserve.

Pour the egg whites in a clean and dry bowl. Add salt and beat until stiff, not too fast, we don’t want to add too much air at the beginning. Continue beating at medium speed; add the caster sugar one tablespoon at a time and the flavoring. The mixture should be compact, white and bright.

With a large spoon, incorporate the almonds and sugar mixture to the egg whites.

Mix well with a spatula, using enveloping movements in order to not to break the whites.

Fill a pastry bag and form circles of the same size (about 5 cm in diameter) on the baking sheets covered with parchment. Eliminate air bubbles tapping the trays against the counter and let rest the macarons from 15 minutes to an hour (until when touched, they will not stick to your fingers).

Preheat oven to 160 º C (320 º F) heat up and down with hot air (Although you must remember that every oven is different and that this is the temperature that has worked for me, it should be tested first with a few macarons , to make sure the temperature is right for you too).

Bake the macarons on the middle shelf of the oven for 10 minutes. Allow them to cool a bit before removing from the tray.

For the filling I used a white chocolate ganache, the same as for my macarons with raspberries. Here’s the recipe.



39 thoughts on “Violet Hill

  1. I got a giggle out of your description, “… purple rain macarons, instead of violet creams.” I think Prince would approve of your new color sensation. I bet they were tasty!

  2. Gosh they are absolutel stunning, I’m not sure I’d have persevered for so long! That class looks like fun too – I’ve doen a few at a local school but we have very limited cooking facilities so it severely restricts what we can do with the children.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias Tanya! Seguro que seguirías intentando hasta conseguirlo… La clase fue muy divertida, si. Lo pasamos fenomenal y los macarons quedaron súper bien. Esto fue una cocina estupenda que montaron en un centro comercial cerca de casa para promocionarlo, así que contábamos con todas las comodidades, pero ya seguro que la han desmontado… 😦
      Un abrazo,

  3. As someone who has made hundred of macarons in order to try to “perfect” them I feel your pain haha. These look wonderful though, great feet on them and silky smooth…. it’s hard to do so congrats on making these look so beautiful!

  4. Giovanna these are beautiful and love how you called them “purple rain” colored lol. Using coloring is extremely tricky, but so pretty when it come out right. And congratulations on teaching that macaron class! You officially have the macaron madness! There is no cure for this 🙂

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you very much for your comment, colors and inspiration!! They were not the color I was expecting, but they were beautiful all the same 🙂 Hehe, yes macaron madness is a very accurate name 😉 Already I’m thinking about my next macaron recipe…

  5. Adequate for Lent? Lol! They look sinfully delicious to me! God help me! And two days ago I decided to cut back on all the junk I eat! And then I find this. I don’t know whether to pinch or hug you. 😛

  6. How did I miss this beautiful recipe? Wow what a great class and you made some beautiful macaroons. I also took a class on how to make macaroons here in Hong Kong. Didn’t your arm feel like it was going to break off beating it until you had the perfect peaks! Love your close up shots so beautiful. Have a super weekend and take care, BAM

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