A few years ago I bought a Panamanian cookbook that had become very popular in my country: T’ach, which “in the Wounaan language has the double meaning of plantain and also food”.

Its author, chef Charlie Collins, toured the entire country recovering native recipes from each Panamanian region and capturing in his book the essence of our people and all the nuances that are characteristic of it, our history: indigenous people, immigrants, settlers, each one has left its mark on our Panamanian cuisine.

Over the years I have made some T’ach’s recipes, however it is not always easy to find the ingredients when you live abroad. That is why I have decided to make all the recipes in this fantastic book in an expat style, adapting the ingredients to try and achieve the taste of Panama even when it is so far away.

I hope you will join me on this culinary journey that promises to be very interesting… and delicious!


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