Blogging 101


This year, in my pursuit of getting my mojo back, I joined a WordPress class called blogging 101. It is intended to new bloggers or people like me that after a while has lost my blogging rhythm.

My first assignment was to write a post about me, to introduce myself to the world. I already have an about page with a Little bit about me and the why I started this blog, but during these years I guess I´ve changed, as have my blog.

So let´s revisit… I was born and raised in Panama. My childhood was humble but a happy one. A lot of tough things happened to me back then, but seeing the big picture I can say without hesitation now that my childhood was a good one, surrounded by my brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and a wonderful mother.

Then, at 19 years old I moved to Madrid and started a new life here. That was 23 years ago. And despite the time and distance, my family in Panama has a very important part in my everyday life and that of my new family.

I like to say that food preference is genetic, because my children love rice and plantain and fritters and -almost- every Panamanian style food. Obviously it has to do with me keeping my mom´s ways in the kitchen, but is funnier to think it has something to do with their Panamanian genes…hehehe

In any case, this has all to do with heritage. My Panamanian heritage is linked to my cooking. The food my grandma used to cook, the stories behind some dishes or the traditions that belongs to some others.

So to keep that heritage alive, not only to my children but also to any other Panamanian expat out there, I decided to start writing this blog with recipes and stories linked to our mother country.

Throughout these years I encountered others culinary cultures that had find a place in my blog too. My mother in law is French and my father in law is like hyper Spanish, so French and Spanish cuisine are present here. Also, I can´t deny my love to American food, so there yo have some of that too; I have met people from different countries that also have influenced my life and cooking, so nowadays my blog is a mixture of recipes from around the world. And what´s curious about this evolution is that it keeps being a reflection of Panama, because my country is also called ¨crisol de razas¨ (races melting pot)…

So here it is. This is me and this is my blog. Welcome back to BlueJellybeans, my melting pot.

16 Replies to “Blogging 101”

  1. I hope your enjoy your course. This was a nice easy exercise to begin I am sure they will stretch you further as you get into it. Mojo is such a curious thing, the daily inspiration – you will work through it though.. and you will be up and running again -c

  2. Lovely to hear from you again. And it’s great to know a little more about you. I didn’t know you grew up in Panama – you’re the first person I’ve ‘met’ to be from Panama! I wish you well with your blogging this year and I hope that Blogging 101 class works well for you xx

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