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I bet you didn’t know Santa was at The Nativity too!

Blogging is like going to the gym. When you sign up you are super motivated and go every day (or three times a week at least), then something comes along, either your job, chores, family, sickness…one of those things will get in the way and you will start skipping the gym, maybe one time this week and then the next two days…and without you even noticing it’s been a month without that feeling of accomplishment that follows a good spinning class. Or a good post…

For me last year downfall started with finding a new job (which is a great thing), then it was the losing- the-job part and the depression that follows…then family issues, home improvements (not always a good thing…), trying to get up from the sofa…This year can be portrayed as one of those graphics from wall street. It started up, then went down and down, then a bit up just to collapse at the end.

We wives and moms are always juggling ten thousand things over our heads and, to avoid losing some things, we tend to put down our own things and end up feeling simply frustrated. So what do I want to accomplished next year? I would like to say 100% happiness…but to be able to just enjoy a few hours of each day to do what I love without feeling selfish or having my mind in other things that need to be done will be more than enough. Will I succeed? I really don’t know, but this is the  time of year for good resolutions… 🙂

Happy new year!

Lot of love,


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