What If ?

I wonderful book with a wonderful message

A Simple, Village Undertaker

Many years ago, during the 1980’s into the 90’s, I lost my faith.

I knew I had it, but must have set it down somewhere,  could not find it and eventually stopped looking.

I do remember however, who helped me find it in 1994.  I became acquainted with a man in Philadelphia who  forever changed my life.  His name was Richard Glenn and I was introduced to him via his mother, June.  He was one of the holiest men I have ever known, but he was unassuming, gentle, yet strong.

I do not recall how or why we ever got on the topic, but he lead me back to my Church and faith. One of the “tools” he used to do so was via a book entitled Joshua, A Parabel for Today by Joe Girzone.

A paragraph……         th

When Joshua moves to a small cabin on…

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