In Memoriam Lauren Bacall

“BACALL: No, I don’t like legend. I mean, I don’t like the category. And to begin with, to me, a legend is something that is not on the earth, that is dead.

KING: You have to be dead to be a legend?

BACALL: I think so. Because legends are built and evolve in the past. They’re not the present. I don’t like categories either, in any event. I prefer individual — I mean, if people have respect for you or admire your work or whatever, I mean, you know, it’s like they say, this one is the second Garbo, that one is the second Bogart. There are no seconds. You are what you are, everyone is an individual.

KING: How about the term living legend?

BACALL: I don’t like legend, Larry.

KING: No matter what?

BACALL: I don’t like legend. I don’t know what it means.”

CNN LARRY KING LIVE. Interview with Lauren Bacall. Aired May 6, 2005

Well, now she’s a legend.

Rest in peace Betty



10 thoughts on “In Memoriam Lauren Bacall

  1. Yes, so sad. But she did live to a ripe old age. But she was from that Golden Age of Hollywood that just doesn’t exist any more. And such a beautiful and everlasting romance between her and Bogart. So much sadness from Hollywood in one week! xx

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