Blue Jellybeans Top Ten

When I was little (I don’t like the sound of “when I was young”…) I used to listen to a show on the radio called American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, I loved it and every week I will listen to it for hours. Well, with this show in mind I leave you with the BJB Top 10 (most viewed)  😉

The 10 most popular posts on BJB clearly reflect the spirit of my blog, simple and easy recipes but with character and a deep connection with my culture, as a Panamanian living in Madrid (who loves America!)

” Now, on with the countdown! ”

Number 10: Panamanian style Codfish with potatoes

A delicious recipe from Panama.
Bacalao con papas
Bacalao con papas

Number 9: Bon Bread

This one is from back in the days when I used to write my posts in both languages… now I know better 😉

Number 8: Meatballs in caramelized wine sauce

One of Panama favorites at parties

Number 7: Panamanian cocada

From 2011 come these beautiful and delicious treats made with coconut
In sixth place we have our Corn fritters, another Panamanian hit
The top five begins with an American classic…Peanut butter cookies. You can’t have only one!
The forth place in this top ten are M&M’s cookies! No wonder these are among the top five…
Now is time for the three posts on top of the chart.

Number 3:

My post about the Separation of Panama from Colombia with a delicious recipe for my mom’s Crème caramel (flan).

Number 2:

And finally, here it is. The number one! St. James cake!
And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen…BJB/T10. I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane… I certainly did!
Take care

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