Yesterday we went to Rota. A small town, located in the northern tip of the Bay of Cadiz, southwest of Western Andalusia and bathed by the Atlantic.

We visited some friends to their beautiful house by the sea. This is the view from their terrace.



Their house is surrounded by tall buildings; what made me think about Stuart Little’s house (a New York City brownstone near Central Park, wedged tightly between much larger buildings on either side). An absolute jewel!

After lunch we took a walk to “Los Corrales”. Plots in the sea, made with stones stranded perfectly together. In the high tide the fish is enclosed and at low tide, they stay in wich makes easy their capture by fishermen.
Nowadays the Corrales are out of use for professional fishermen, but the birds and the kids enjoy it very much. Like Fernando here


Rota is also very popular for its naval station, a Spanish naval base commanded by a Spanish Rear Admiral and fully funded by the United States of America. Described by the US Navy as the “Gateway to the Mediterranean”.
Its influence in the town is very distinctive, but without losing its identity as a Spanish southern town.
Here are a few more pics from yesterday,

View from los Corrales to el Puerto de Cadiz
Los Corrales
A cruise on its way to...

Enjoy and take care!
PS.: sorry about the quality of the pictures. I’m working with my phone, so I can use the pics immediately.

12 Replies to “Rota”

  1. Wao, that ocean just looks like the blue-green Caribbean´s sea. And the sand… I miss so much the soft, white sand of my beaches in Cuba… I have to visit Cadiz definitely.

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