A couple of weeks ago my mom came from Panama to be here when her granddaughter Pilar came from the U.S. and help Juan Fran with the kids and the house while I “went for her” (code word for having the best time in Georgia and NY).
Well, you should know that my mother is kind of a Mary Poppins, because you won’t believe how many things she can put in her suitcase … This time the magical suitcase brought a handful of my favorite fruits, pixbaes.

2014-05-27 13.26.41
To write this post I had to go to the internet though, because to me it feels more than ordinary to go out and buy a few warm pixbaes from… well, practically anywhere! (I’m talking Panama here), but apparently that’s not the case for everybody (It is produced in the area between Honduras and Bolivia and southern Brazil. Although it can also be found in some islands of the Antilles, especially Trinidad).
Have you seen or tried them before? If so, how do you call them? And if not, then what are you waiting for?
I leave you with the information I have found and the invitation to tell me what you think about them.

The pixbae, tropical fruit that abounds in mountain areas and remote areas of our country (Panama), has been called by renowned chefs as the “noble Panamanian fruit” because 92% of its peel, pulp and seed are profitable.

2014-05-27 13.28.04
The pixbae also has a high nutritional value; it contains Vitamin A, Thiamin, Riboflavin (excellent for the blood), Niacin (very good substance for maintaining vision), ascorbic acid, calcium and other nutrients. Due to its high fiber content it allows the body to evacuate properly (we didn’t need to know THAT too!!).
Analysis by Experts have found that as food, it is the most balanced and nutritious tropical fruit. It contains more protein than avocado, has twice the protein of banana and its nutritional value is comparable with the chicken egg but without the cholesterol.

Sounds good doesn’t it?



Source: Panama Gourmet Foods

10 Replies to “Pixbae”

  1. your mother sounds like an amazing woman, and you must have fun when you’re together!

    i don’t recognize the pixbae but i will be keeping my eyes out for it and will ask questions.. there’s a fruit here that i discovered last year, and wow, it’s amazing.. they call it ‘arasal’ or that’s what it sounds like they are saying.. it’s yellow like a guayava, soft like an over-ripe peach.. it ‘skins’ easily, and inside it’s a luscious creamy white lemony fruit w/six or eight brownish seeds… very delicate – would not ship well, which is why one gets it straight from a farm/tree — or not!

    blended w/milk and sugar, oh my, what a batido!

    next fruit to discover is pixbae!


    1. Thank you Lisa! I enjoy very much our time together.
      I’m pretty sure that you can find pixbaes over there, only maybe under a different name.
      As for the delicious fruit you describe (i saw a photograph on your blog) I would love to know more about it, maybe you could ask for the name in writing 😉 I tried various options on Google and couldn’t find anything…but I’ll keep looking, maybe my mom knows it! I’ll let you know.

  2. Your mum sounds absolutely incredible – Mary Poppins-esque? Wow 😀
    And thanks for introducing me to pixbae, I want to try for sure!

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. I love piva. Last time I had some we found it in the bus terminal in colon. To bad I haven’t seen them in ny.

  4. I live in Panama and recently discovered this palm tree fruit called by Dr. Oz a miracle. In my area of Panama the fruit is called Pifa. For me it has been a miracle helping to curb my sugar addiction and those lowering my glucose levels. It is amazingly very satiating and when I eat just one I am satisfied until mealtime. Apparently according to his show Jan 2013 it is high in antioxidants and Vit E.

    1. Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment and info about pixbaes. I still call them “pivá” but I thought I will use their “official” name 😉
      I didn’t know that Dr Oz had talked about it on his show; that’s awesome! I know that I love them and that they are delicious; and if they are that good for your health too; well then they are perfection 😉
      I’ll try to find the show and see if I can add it to the post as a plus.
      Thanks again and enjoy that little corner of the world, I miss it deeply.

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