Strawberry cupcakes

These delicious cupcakes were made for a lady who wanted to try our strawberry cupcakes for her daughter’s First Communion celebration, so they are pretty special.

First you have a moist vanilla cake, soak in natural strawberry syrup, topped with a scrumptious strawberry buttercream and a little bit of diced fresh strawberries to add a touch of color.


14 thoughts on “Strawberry cupcakes

  1. for hours my internet has been too slow to open emails or load pages, and for hours i’ve been seeing this strawberry-cupcake post notification in the inbox.. and now i am really really really hungry for strawberry cupcakes!

    you have the power to influence my food cravings!!!!



  2. Muy muy ricos – cuando era pequena, tartas de fresa eran siempre lo queria para mis fiestas. Mis padres me han pedido una tarta de fresa de una pasterleria Italiana en el centro de Londres para mi primer comunion (hace muchisimos anos!).

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