In the summer time

I’m back!

These past weeks have been fun. It is always nice to share some time with the family, without having to run from one place to the other 20 times a day, just relaxing… Of course there were times when I realized that a family of 6 people can’t always get along and live peacefully in such a small apartment. Not even if it is beachside… Yes, there was a lot of quarreling; but that’s only normal with two cruel teenage witches and one lazy 11 years old boy at home (luckily Fernando was immune to the quarrels).

But all and all it was a wonderful break for all of us.

Now almost all the laundry is done and my body has adjusted to the high temperatures of Madrid, so it is time to sit down and catch up with you guys. At first I thought about trying to read what I’ve missed during these past few weeks, but there’s a lot! So it is better to start from scratch,… you can expect my visits from today onwards.

Oh! Almost forgot. During my vacation I reached the 200 followers! Yeah! Thanks a lot!!


There is no recipe for you today, just a bunch of pics I took these past days. There are a lot of sunsets, but I just couldn’t resist. They are amazing!

Enjoy the view!


Is good to be back 🙂

24 Replies to “In the summer time”

    1. Hi Roger! Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful time with your son and his family. I’m sure they will love to have you near, if only for your witty personality and marvelous cooking 😉
      Have fun! 🙂

  1. I should tell you, I keep carrying this post around on my iPhone so I can have a moment with these pictures whenever I need it. They. are. beautiful!

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