Pork chops with a manchego cheese filling


No time to wait for it to set

These last few days I’ve been busy, busy…With 3 of my children going on trips with their school, I had a lot of laundry and ironing to do… and cookies to bake, because they wanted to take some treats with them.

Furthermore, last Saturday Pilar made ​​her Confirmation and we entertained a few guests at home. The menu was very simple and 90% Panamanian (rice with chicken, potato salad and tamale). For dessert I decided to do something new (for me) because I love trying new recipes and the occasion called for it, so I made a Sachertorte, very good and easier to make than I thought.

This is just a sample

Also, I’ve been invited to participate again at the Kitchen Community that is taking place in a mall nearby. This time I’m planning on teaching how to decorate a cake for a First Communion because normally May is the month for this Sacrament here in Spain, so I’ve been practicing a bit.

Now I only have little Fernando with me, which may sound like tons of time for myself, but moms and dads knows that that is only wishful thinking…

As you can see, I’ve been spending some time in the kitchen; one my favorite recipes from last week were these stuffed pork chops, they were incredible. Fill with flavor, tender and juicy. I’m sure you’ll love them!

Pork chops with a manchego cheese filling
Pork chops with a manchego cheese filling


  • 1 kg. pork chops
  • 8 slices of semi-hard manchego cheese
  • 1 onion sliced
  • 1 clove of garlic chopped
  • ½ cup dry white wine
  • ½ cup water
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 180 º C (350 º F)

Open each pork chop like a book with a horizontal cut and put inside the cut one slice of cheese.

Place them in a baking dish, bathe in white wine, spray with a bit of olive oil, add water to the baking dish and season to taste.

Spread over the meat, onion, garlic and rosemary.

Put into the preheated oven and cook until chops are golden brown and the sauce has reduced. Approximately 45 minutes.


40 Replies to “Pork chops with a manchego cheese filling”

  1. Pilar’s confirmation?!?!?! Congratulations! What a big day for her!
    Pork chops stuffed with cheese and cooked in wine. What’s not to love? Yum!

    1. Yes! They grow up so fast… It seems like yesterday when she took her First Communion with 8 years, well, I still look the same 😉 hehe! I wish!!
      You should try this recipe, I think you’ll like them a lot!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You made a sachertorte?! You need to tell us how…it’s Big Man’s birthday in May and he’d love one! Love the chops with manchego and it just happens that I have all the ingredients available 🙂

    1. Yes! It was really good. Not too tall though…but I guess that baking two and stacking them with some chocolate or apricot jam in between will solve the problem. I’ll post that recipe today or tomorrow, so big man can have it for his bday 😉
      The chops with manchego were really good, you will love the!
      Take care Tanya! 😉

    1. ¡Ja,ja! ¿Pero entonces qué haces con la ropa arrugada? Recuerdo que cuando estuve en Panamá le pedí a mi madrina una plancha para quitar un poco las arrugas del viaje y ¡no tenía ninguna a mano! Porque toda su ropa la llevaban a planchar fuera. Yo solo llevo al “tinte” la ropa que no puedo meter en la lavadora, el resto la plancho yo (o mi suegra que ayuda muchísimo)
      Pero no creo que seas una bad mommy por no planchar, creo que eres una ver y lucky mommy!!! 😉
      Muchas gracias por tu comentario 🙂

      1. Casi toda la ropa que tenemos no require plancha (aun que la verdad es que mucha luciera mejor con un planchado)…y lo que lo require, pues, o lo engancho en la ducha para que se estire con el vapor, o no me lo pongo!!!!! jajajajaja

  3. Oh, Wow! This sounds really good. Thanks so much for the recipe. We don’t get Manchego cheese in South Africa, but I’ll make it when I get back to Florida. 🙂

  4. Enjoy your quieter week. And congrats on your daughter’s confirmation. And best of luck with the cake decorating at the mall – I do hope you post some images of everything you create xx

  5. Yum I will have to try this for dinner one night–I love pork chops. But even better I can’t wait to see your post on the Sachertorte 🙂

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