Reader Appreciation Award and a second star


Raani, the author of one of the most entertaining blogs out there, awarded me with the reader appreciation award last week. Thank you Raani, I love to visit your blog and read those witty posts you write.

I already received this award a while back, but it is a new batch, and is so pretty…. May I keep it, please?

Apparently I cannot award someone who has already been awarded, but I disagree. If this award is to show ones appreciation to loyal readers, then it should not matter if the nominee already has the award or not, don’t you think?

Here are all the rules:

1. Award your top 6 bloggers who have commented the most.

2. Be thankful.

3. You cannot award someone who has already been awarded. And you cannot give the award back to me.

4. Don’t forget to tell the bloggers you’ve awarded.

5. If you don’t want to pass on this award, that’s okay to. Just admire it.

Now, without further ado, I would like to give this award to a few friends, I really appreciate your support:

Tanya, from Chica Andaluza.

Mad Dog, from Mad Dog TV dinners

ChgoJohn, from From The Bartolini Kitchens

Tandy, from Lavender and lime

Karen, from Back Road Journal

Natalia, from Hot, Cheap & Easy

Alastair, from Alastair’s Blog. Photography, Music and Poetry

Roger from Food, Photography & France


Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

Also I would like to thank Heather, the author of Plant Based Diet Adventures for giving me a star for my Blog of the year award. Thank you very much!

Heather’s blog is great; she’s able to create such enticing vegan recipes…they will make you rethink your love for meat.

27 Replies to “Reader Appreciation Award and a second star”

  1. Congratulations my dear! Well deserved 🙂
    You have named some top people whom I love and cannot wait to check out the others I do not know!

  2. You deserve nomination to every award out there at least twice….
    One in Spanish…and one in English…
    “No offense to Heather”
    I’m sure each and everyone of her recipes would make a perfect side-dish accompaniment to a juicy Medium Rare Rib-Eye Steak …
    Bless You

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