This campaign is very close to me because my grandfather died of prostate cancer. Let’s show our support!
Esta campaña es muy próxima mí porque mi abuelo murió de cáncer de próstata. ¡Mostremos nuestro apoyo!

A Mixed Bag

Le Clown is starting Bl0ggers for Movember which is an online campaign to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. This is a subject that is very close to me. My uncle lost his first wife to cancer a few years ago. He met someone new who he was going to marry, but unfortunately he lost her to cancer as well. A while after that, he met another woman, and now he is dying as a result of prostate cancer. When he was in hospital the last time, they spoke of getting married but were unsure when to do it. The hospital vicar suggested they do it that week.


My uncle is living on borrowed time at the moment. We all know it. He will be heading back up the country soon so he can spend his last days with his friends and children. I’m not saying I want the…

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10 thoughts on “Movember

  1. The big P. I personally think prostate cancer doesn’t get as much attention as breast cancer. For that matter, neither does cervical. In my country we have pretty high rates for both. And men don’t make it any easier, especially where prostate exams are concerned and often just want to blame symptoms on BPH.

    Let’s hope this campaign succeeds in its goals. 🙂

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