Apologies, thanks and awards


Lately I’ve been very lax in answering properly to the awards I’ve been nominated. For that I’m sorry. Now, after so long I couldn’t find all the posts were I’ve been granted this honor;  but I would like to thanks all my friends bloggers who thought that my blog and I were worthy of such privilege. I’m thankful, especially now when I feel that I’m neglecting so many people who write such amazing blogs not commenting as often as I would like to do to their posts.

So far I’ve been able to retrieve two nominations. One made by Catalina from Cake with Love, The One Lovely Blog Award and the other, the Kreativ Blogger Award, by glutenvygirl. Also, Christie gave me the badge as one of Cookiemommas’s favorite blog. So cool!

Thank you all for your friendship and for been there.

Now, you know the rules for these awards.

1. Say thank you and link to the blogs that have nominated you. Done!

2. List 7 random facts about yourself:

  • Sometimes I forget my children day of birth or the year.
  • I was a huge Menudo fan. One go-to-every-concert-then-go-to-the-hotel-and-the-airport kind of fan (someone said stalker…?)
  • This summer I have read two very popular trilogies, one is the hunger games and the other one…?
  • I know that maybe I’m too old for that, but I can’t wait for the last twilight saga movie premiere…
  • I love Cecelia Ahern’s novels.
  • I will love to visit New York
  • My favorite dessert is New York cheese cake

3. Nominate other bloggers


Chef in disguise



Happiness Stan Lives Here


Mariana, from Lifeofcarbon

El oso con botas

Enjoy your awards and show them to the world with pride, because your blogs are amazing 🙂

Have a nice day!

33 Replies to “Apologies, thanks and awards”

  1. wonderful to get awards but no-one minds if you cannot keep up, at least i hope so as i am certainly NOT keeping up, well done you for catching up!! c

  2. I’m with Celi, we don’t mind in the least about keeping up, but I do know how you feel! and I just love it that you forget your kids birth dates !! My mum used to forget our names 🙂

      1. Ya estaba en otras cosas cuando Menudo…Pero Ricky Martin me sigue encantando. No tendrá la mejor voz, ni será nuestro mejor bailarín, but he is wonderful just the same ¿te acuerdas de La Pandilla? Eran espanoles y llegaron un poco antes que Menudo.

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