Melon with ham

Today’s recipe could not be easier; there are no measurements, so forget about “one teaspoon of this or 100 grams of that”

You just need a good melon cut into squares, rectangles or other creative form and ham, a good Serrano ham cut into thin slices.

When I arrived to Spain this was one of the dishes that surprised me. Melon… mixed with ham! That’s wrong…

After all these years though, I have to admit that the Spanish know what they do in the kitchen because the mix is great, believe me. I just have to make one clarification, the type of melon used here in Spain to make this dish is the one known as “piel de sapo(toad skin). A variety that when I lived in Panama was not very common, but I think it will be now easier to find.

Almost forgot! This delicious dish is served as a first course or starter.

Try it at home; I’m sure you will like the contrast of flavors.



36 thoughts on “Melon with ham

  1. Hello Gi. I have been absent for a long while but I was hoping to say hello and be the first to comment on this post. Unfortunately I don’t like any melons but it still looks delicious.

    1. Hello Mr R!
      Yes, I noticed, where have you been? The beach 😉 Thanks a lot for your comment. You don’t like melons? Is a shame, they are good for you and tasty. Perfect for the summer too.

    1. Hi Tanya!
      I can imagine this is like an everyday dish for you up there in the mountain 😉 And the jamón and the melons must be delicious… yummy!
      You are going to make a bunch of English people very happy once you cut the melons and slice the jamon 😉

    1. Hi Mandy!
      And here I was thinking that this was more of a Spanish thing and that many people didn’t know about it…
      Well, now’s the moment for having it again. One little secret: Tanya brought jamon and melons with her from Spain, go pay her a visit 😉

  2. This is such a great dish, Giovanna. We use prosciutto but the effect is the same, salty and sweet in one bite. I love it! Hmmm I need to find me a ripe melon. 🙂

  3. Can taste it already…just went in for seconds of a carrot/pineapple/crazin salad w/mayo/sour cream/ chili powder///and…umm, probably a few things I don’t remember adding….but, I NOW wish I’d of added some ham, bacon or Prosciutto…
    i think I will next time for sure…Thanx

    1. Hello Paul!
      That salad sounds outstanding! Ham or bacon are always good additions to almost anything 😉
      Thanks for your comment. Ps. loved your post on American pie!

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