Memorial day 2012

A Proclamation

Over one hundred years ago, Memorial Day was established to commemorate those who died in the defense of our national ideals. Our ideals of freedom, justice, and equal rights for all have been challenged many times since then, and thousands of Americans have given their lives in many parts of the world to secure those same ideals and insure for their children a lasting peace. Their sacrifice demands that we, the living, continue to promote the cause of peace and the ideals for which they so valiantly gave of themselves. (…)

Memorial Day, May 25, 1981

By the President of the United States of America,

Ronald Reagan

Note: The text of the proclamation was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on April 25

These cookies were made to celebrate Memorial Day 2012. The recipe is from a wonderful book I found in amazon (Decorating Cookies, by Joanna Farrow). The texture isn’t that of a butter cookie, but more like a sablé biscuit. And the idea for decoration came from The sweet adventures of Sugar Belle (her cookies are gorgeous, so please no comparisons 😉 ).

Happy Memorial Day 2012!


16 thoughts on “Memorial day 2012

  1. I like that you celebrate the fallen, a special day of remembrance, one when we on the other-side of the world think also of your fallen, they also fell for us you see that we made live in peace as well and for that we are grateful… Love the cookies also…

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