World Down Syndrome Day


21 March marks not only the beginning of spring, but also the 7th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day and for the first time in 2012 this day will be officially observed by the United Nations. I’m going to do a copy and paste from the WDSD web to show my support.

If you feel like it, go pay a visit and take a look around see what’s happening in your country today to celebrate this day.

Each year the voice of people with Down syndrome, and those who live and work with them, grows louder. But there is still so much more we can do.

Down Syndrome International encourages our friends all over the World to choose your own themes, activities and events to help raise awareness of what Down syndrome is, what it means to have Down syndrome, and how people with Down syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities.

The internet is a powerful tool for raising awareness and we encourage people to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day through your own websites, blogs and social networking sites. However, we want to create a single meeting place where everyone can share their experiences and advertise their activities.

For this purpose we created a dedicated website For 2012, we have re-launched this website with new features and you are now able to register with us and share details of your activities and events with the global community.

Join our cause to create a single global voice for advocating for the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down syndrome on 21 March.

Reproduced from WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY website


8 thoughts on “World Down Syndrome Day

    1. Hi Claire!
      It’s a small gesture to show my support. I was very surprised that Google did not create a Doodle for this date … These children are wonderful, always have a smile to give 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

  1. There seems to be a lot more awareness of this in Spain than I ever remember in the UK with actors and people in the public eye here with the syndrome living full and active lives…which is how it should be!

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