Grapes II

Do you remember my post called grapes?

It was about my lack of inspiration for cooking and the little project I was stitching for my son Javier. I promised then I would post it again when I finished it… It was done back in December, but I have been too busy (and lazy) to write this post.

Finally today I’m posting it, so this is not a food related post, sorry.

Ok this is Javier’s First Communion keepsake, it isn’t my favorite, but I think it fulfills its task of reminding Javier the meaning of The Bread and the Wine.

I’m going to make use of this opportunity to show you other works I’ve made.

For instance, this one was my first cross-stitch project; I made it when I was pregnant with Javier.

This, I think, was my second project and it took me forever to finish; but it was totally worth it because is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made (aside my children, of course!) These ballerinas might look delicate and gentle, but they are really tough…

Now, these two were supposed to hang from the girls / boys doors, instead they are everywhere but on the doors.


These are Pilar & Isabel’s First Communion keepsakes.


Finally, these are bedspreads I’ve made for Pilar, Isabel and Javier.


This journey through my “master pieces” made me realize that the younger the kid, the less crosstitch I made for him/her… I guess is because the more, the busiest… But there’s no excuse for poor Fernando not having at least a bedspread made by his mommy, so that will be my next project, wish me luck!

Have a nice day!

24 Replies to “Grapes II”

  1. I love seeing what you´ve created! I bet you got as much pleasure out of making these as the children do from owning them. Love those bedspreads…now you need to get cracking on making one for Fernando!

  2. You have such a talent, Giovanna! Thank you for showing us these beautiful pieces. Your children will certainly grow to appreciate these gifts more and more as they mature. 🙂

  3. I love these kind of crafts… You are amazing, how beautifully done! I loved them all. Good Luck for nezt project. It sounds so exciting… Thank you dear Giovanna, have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

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