Pilar & Point de Vue

Yesterday was the day of advertising here in Spain. My daughter Pilar took the opportunity to make an “ad” for her blog. The result seemed to me so amazing that I decided to reblog it here. Nepotism? A little, but the truth is that this girl is very talented.
Here is the translation of it says in Spanish to English:

“They say life is nothing more than many images, one after the other.
But if you pay attention
Everything makes sense
Despite the speed at which everything happens
Every second is new
And for that, for the stories the pictures tell
Find the best stories in Point de Vue”.

A proud mother.

Un autre point de vue.

“Hoy se celebra el Día de la Publicidad que se centrará en la creatividad y estrategias comunicativas.”


Hoy es el día de la publicidad, y para celebrarlo he creado un video que anuncia mi blog, ¡A ver qué os parece! He puesto muchas de las fotos que he subido, aunque algunas no están aún, como por ejemplo las de Panamá, que subiré dentro de nada.

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10 thoughts on “Pilar & Point de Vue

  1. WOW! This is so beautiful dear Giovanna… I loved the music and the video and also so meaningful and so beautiful these words… She is very talented and did a great job. Blessing and Happiness for you all, Thank you, with my love, nia

    1. Hi Paul!
      Thanks for this wonderful award. I’m sorry I didn’t notice it before. But normally on the weekends I “disconnect” and try to spend more time with my family and less time with my PC, sorry…
      I will place it on “my shelf” beside my Oscar and my people choice award 😉
      Have a very nice weekend my friend!

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