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Many people have spoken about the pollera. Some have indicated the exact point of origin for the costume, but such exactness is not compatible with folk material since one of the main characteristics of folklore is spontaneous and anonymous origin. When people become aware of the existence of a folk tradition, a great deal of time has already passed during which the tradition has grown and developed. The pollera had an origin. Along with the other traditional Latin American dresses, the pollera descended from the Spanish dress of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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8 thoughts on “The Pollera of Panama – Flavor Internationale

  1. Ever since i was a child in Iquique, Chile. I’ve always been very fascinated by the latin culture and it’s traditions, my teacher in grade 3 taught me how to dance la cueca and by grade 4 i had memorized the proper steps. The culture is so incredibly rich with stories and music that i miss being there 🙂

  2. Hola Giovanna – a friend of mine made an amazing journey through several South American countries about 5 years ago and told me about this tradition which is so beautiful. She also took many photos – but none as beautiful as your daughter!

  3. Beautiful, so beautiful… not only the dress but the flowers on her hair fascinating too. Thank you dear Giovanna, these kind of things always fascinate me. Have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

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