November, patriotic month


In November, Panama held the key dates that commemorate the basis of our history as a free country. 3, 10 and 28 are the most important; Panama’s independence from Colombia, First call of the Village of Los Santos and Panama’s independence from Spain, respectively. But we must add the 4th, which is Flag Day.

In November 28, 1821; 190 years ago, Panama declares its independence from Spain and adheres to New Granada; later known as Gran Colombia, comprising the territories of Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and parts of Brazil, Peru, Guyana, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

So, this year, as usual, the Christmas spirit has to wait for the patriotic spirit, dress in red, blue and white, to make his triumphant exit in late November. Then the lights and colors of Christmas will fill the streets and homes of Panama, giving us another reason to celebrate.

To commemorate this date I bring you a very simple dish from the Panamanian cuisine, but also very tasty: Tajadas (slices). Made with ripe plantains, fried in hot oil and seasoned with salt.


The truth is that there are no secret or special recipe for this dish. Just remember that the plantain has to be at its point of ripening, because if it is too green, you have to do patacones and if they are overripe, then bananas into temptation is the recipe for you…

10 Replies to “November, patriotic month”

  1. Nosotros lo llamamos tostones…pero creo que los tostones son más parecidos a patacones….pero lo que veo en la foto tampoco parecen lo que llamamos amarillos o maduros (los bien maduros y dulces…) Hmmmmm

    1. Hola Natalia, Muchas gracias por tus comentarios. Tienes toda la razón, al plátano que usé esta vez todavía le faltaba un poco para estar en su punto para que las tajadas quedaran más doraditas y dulces; pero quería subir algo típico panameño. Nuestros patacones son vuestros tostones y vuestros maduritos nuestras tajadas. Qué ricos están todos, verdad? Un saludo!

    1. Hi Tandy, Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean. I love Christmas, but every year the whole thing starts earlier. I think it steals the real meaning of this holidays. Anyway, I can’t wait! 😉 like I said, I LOVE Christmas! Have a nice day.

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  2. “Plantains”… I haven’t known this one before… How sad we don’t have here too, dear Giovanna. But they seems so beautiful, should be so delicious too. And also I don’t know Panama very well, I only know because of the canal and it was very interesting for me. I am learning now in your beautiful posts. I loved the video too, Thank you so much, it was a wonderful post again. Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    1. Thanks Nia. Is a shame you dont have them there, they are really good 😉
      But you have a lot of tasty food over there…
      I’m happy to know you like Panama.
      Have a good day, my friend.

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