Tapas. Prawns with raincoat

These raincoated shrimp or prawns are a typical tapa at Spanish bars. The name refers to the coat of dough with which they are coated.  Like any worthy tapa, these prawns are eaten with your fingers, accompanied by a glass of good wine or a cold beer.


32 prawns (or shrimps)
125 gr. flour
2 eggs
100 ml beer
Olive oil


First let’s make the Orly dough (beer dough). Mix eggs, oil and salt. Beat well then add the flour all at once. Mix well and diluted with beer and a bit of water (if necessary). The dough must not be too thick; it must form a thin layer over the back of a spoon. Leave it to rest in a warm place about 2 hours before using it.

Now, remove the heads of the prawns, peel, leaving the end of the tail, and season. Dip in the batter and fry in hot oil until golden.

Remove the prawns from the oil; put them on paper towels to remove excess oil. Serve at once.


Source: Canal Cocina

25 Replies to “Tapas. Prawns with raincoat”

    1. Hi Zahra, thanks for your comment. You could use a soda as a substitute, one with a mild flavor and. It too sweet, ginger ale for instance or try with sparkling water.
      I hope this helps.

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