The one with All the cheesecakes and 10,000 visits

Today I celebrate my 10,000 visits. It’s been almost 9 months of fun, new friends, stress, reading, cooking, writing and EATING… Thanks for your support!

One of my all-time favorite TV shows is Friends. I never get tire of it.  They stayed on the air for ten years and to celebrate my 10,000 visits, I give  you one of their recipes.

I don’t know if it is as good as the cheesecake from Mama’s Little  Bakery, but this is allegedly “The Best New York Cheesecake”. Let see if is true, shall we?



6 large eggs
1 ½ Cup sugar
1 k. (four 225 g packages) cream cheese
1 cup sour cream 
1 cup heavy cream 
juice of one lemon
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
2 heaping tbsp. flour


1 ½ Cup crushed vanilla wafers (you can also use crushed graham crackers, or  digestive biscuits)
6 tbsp. melted butter
½ Cup sugar


Cheesecake with strawberry sauce

Preheat oven to 425°F  (220 ºC)

Add eggs, sugar, cream cheese, sour cream, heavy  cream, lemon juice, vanilla, and flour to mixer. Beat (on low to low-medium  speed) thoroughly, until completely smooth.

While cake mixture is beating, make the crust. Mix crust ingredients together in small mixing bowl. Pour into 9″ (22 cm) spring form pan, pressing into place with your fingers or the back of a spoon.
Chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Cheesecake with milk caramel

When crust is cool, and cake is thoroughly mixed, pour batter into the pan over  the back of a big spoon, so the batter does not disturb the crust. Let it rest  for 5 or 10 minutes.

Bake in 425° oven for 15 minutes. Then turn oven down to 275°F (135 – 140 ºC) and  bake for 1 hour. Turn off oven. Do not open the oven door for 2 hours!

After  the 2 hours are up, remove cake and refrigerate.



33 thoughts on “The one with All the cheesecakes and 10,000 visits

  1. Oh my God.. do you mind if I say that but goodness me! Those look fantastic and baked cheesecake is the only one i can do but mine is rubbish compared to yours. Which one do you like the best G. and i shall make it for my son when I go to see him next month.. he will love it! c

    1. Thanks Celi! Of course I don’t mind 🙂

      I’m glad you like them. Is actually the same cake, I just thought it will be more colorful that way. But to be honest, I think the best is the “naked” one. It is really creamy and tasty, no need for anything else.
      I’m sure your son will love anything cooked by his mama and this cheesecake won’t be an exception.

    1. Thanks Rufus!

      This time my daughter Pilar allows me to take the photos by myself (normally is her thing). So I’m happy to know that I still got it 😉
      I took the picture this morning and the sun was just in the right place to bring those sparkles…

    1. It is the Best! I have the whole thing on DVD. But even now looking for a video to post, I couldn’t resist and watched a bunch of episodes on YouTube, I’m a geek 😉
      Thanks for stopping by Casey, enjoy your day!

    1. Muchas gracias Tanya!
      The caramel topping I made it with a strawberry flavored drink mix, sugar and water. I didn’t measure any of these. Just put them in a pot over medium heat and cook until caramel formed. It was good, but I made it only for the photo. Anyway, if you have strawberries at home you can do the same replacing the drink mix, it will probably be better 😉

  2. Congratulations on hitting 10,000! Although I’m sure you’re way past that # by now! I’m catching up on my blog-reading today. 🙂 I am SUCH a FRIENDS fanatic, and I love that you used “The One with All the Cheesecakes” to celebrate! It’s so funny. Although, in my opinion, all of them are! It kind of makes me sad that they’re not on TV anymore (new ones, anyway) but I own the entire series so that’s ok. Great post, friend (and fellow FRIENDS-lover).

    1. Thanks Melissa!
      Another FRIENDS-lover, I love it!!
      I still watch it on TV, some of them I know by heart, but I don’t care, they are so funny. Today I watched like three episodes (the one when Ross and Rachel get together for the first time; the one with the list and the one with phoebe’s dad)…
      Maybe I’ll use another one for Thanks giving (the one with Brad Pitt?) I don’t know…
      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.
      Have a nice day, my friend 🙂

      1. Is it sad that just by their titles I know everything that goes on in the episodes? Like you, I know most of them by heart but it doesn’t bother me at all. It almost makes them that much funnier!

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