Crepes Suzette

Crepes Suzette owe their origin in a mistake, as so often happens in the bakery. Being in the Café de Paris in Monte Carlo, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII of England) waiting for a late January 1896, the young apprentice pastry chef will prepare on a stove alcohol, their pancakes day. No doubt impressed by the look of the prince, the unfortunate young man who had just celebrated his 16 years, he poured the cognac on the pancakes which instantly flamed. Calmly, the young pastry doused the flames with a shower of sugar and told the prince surprised that it was a new recipe that called Prince of Wales. Flattered, but modest, the Prince went to the nearest girl and asked him his name: Suzette said the girl. And so was born the famous Crepes Suzette.

This recipe is the first one I make from my brand new book, “Les Bonnes Recettes de nos Grands-Mères”. It’s a classic of the French cuisine, usually eaten for la fète de La Chandeleur and Mardi gras.


For the crêpes

100 g butter
125 g flour
1 tbsp. sugar
3 eggs
300 ml milk
1 big pinch of salt

For the sauce

1 orange
125 g butter at room temperature
75 g sugar
2 tsp. curacao or Grand Marnier


First let’s make the dough for the crepes: Melt the butter and then let it cool.

Sieve flour, sugar and salt into a big bowl. Break the eggs and beat. Pour in the middle of the flour mixture, eggs, 50 g of melted butter and milk. Mix well until you get a smooth cream. Cover and leave to rest for 2 hours.

Before cooking, stir the cream and add enough water to make it more fluid. With the remaining butter and the help of some paper towels butter a pan and put over medium heat.

Pour one soup ladle into the hot pan and turn to cover the entire bottom. Cook for 2 minutes, then turn and cook for 1 more minute. Slide onto a dish and keep it warm.

For the sauce, wash the orange. Grate the zest, squeeze and strain the juice. Coat a service dish with 25 g. of butter. Pour the remaining butter into a bowl with the sugar and beat until it is smooth, then add the zest and the orange juice.

Spread the crepes with the butter Suzette, fold into triangles and place onto the serving dish. Heat the chosen liquor, ignite it, and immediately pour over crepes and serve.



16 thoughts on “Crepes Suzette

  1. There’s just something about having this dessert prepared table-side and served to you — aside from the obvious fire hazard, that is. Preparing it for guests at home would be fantastic!

  2. This really is a great recipe, and i love your history lessons,, i think I shall write this one down and take it when i go to visit my son in california next month,, theyw ill love these! c

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