The Oscars?

I’m back home, trying to settle and take the rhythm again … and what better way to do so than answering the Liebster Blog Award?

Last week the always so entertaining to read Chica andaluza and Ambrosiana from Tales of Ambrosia  passed to me the torch, intended to “blogs you like who have less than 200 subscribers, and who you feel should have more”.
First of all, thanks to Tanya and Ambrosiana. Their blogs are great, full of delicious recipes, stories and pictures that take you to beautiful Spain and into a life surrounded by nature or to the eternal city: Rome.

With this award I don’t have to disclose anything about me, only nominate, so here are my 5 nominees. Guys, as Chica said on her post, please feel free to accept, ignore or pass on the nomination and… keep writing!

  1. Ailovebaking
  2. Tinkerbelle
  3. Midsummer nights eats
  4. A Dash of sugar and spice
  5. My story to you

Go ahead and take a look!

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