La vie en rose





This week I’m with my husband at Paris. No children and no cooking. Actually my husband is here for work so I get to spend the day by myself. Is a great way to recharge the batteries.
Last night we went dinner at a lovely restaurant and the food was delicious: Snails and an avocado terrine, then I had le magret du canard and finally for dessert we had sorbets and crepes flambe avec Grand marnier and orange zest. Great dinner!
I don’t know how this post is going to come out. No computer neither, so I’m doing this from my phone…
Enjoy the visit. Today: Versailles!

10 Replies to “La vie en rose”

  1. Oh you lucky, lucky thing! I adore Paris…I left a little of my heart there when I was working in Paris. So romantic, so beautiful and so many happy memories. The food looks wonderful – came out well! Enjoy the rest of your stay in the City of Romance 🙂

  2. Merci Tanya. 😉 it is beautiful and is the perfect city for walking… and burn all the calories from dinner. Thanks for the comment. El post del premio que me enviaste lo haré a la vuelta, gracias de nuevo

  3. I, too, love Paris. Such a beautiful place to just stroll and see the sights, no agenda necessary. Have a wonderful holiday and safe travels returning home.

  4. can you read your comments on your phone too? I love Paris, love it, it is all so golden and at this time of year.. it will be glorious with the trees! walk walk walk! everywhere.. c

    1. Yes I can, but only at the hotel where there’s free wi-fi… Today I spent the day at Versailles and it was so hot! But the trip was totally worth it. Tomorrow more 🙂 thanks for the comment!

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