Iberian sirloin with mustard and honey

The tradition of pork in Spain is well known, with the chorizo, jamón Serrano, salchichón, fuet, butifarra, morcilla, callos… not a single part of the animal is wasted.

During the “matanza del cerdo” or Pig slaughter (2 to 3 days) some families reunite to cook and prepare enough sausages to feed a family for the year.

For today’s recipe I didn’t have to slaughter any pig (not myself at least) and it is quite simple.

Besides the meat and the bouillon, all the ingredients are to taste. Is like that book that The Occasional Chef mentioned this week, “However, unlike modern recipe books, the Forme of Cury doesn’t give exact quantities or cooking times, so a lot is left to the skill and imagination of the cook”.



Pork sirloin (400 g. approx.)
Sweet mustard
Extra virgin olive oil
500 ml. hot bouillon
Freshly ground black pepper


Brown the meat in a skillet with olive oil, when is golden brown add the bouillon, tarragon, honey and mustard and stir, check the salt and correct if necessary, finally add the black pepper.

Cover and let it simmer until the sauce has thickened.


2 thoughts on “Iberian sirloin with mustard and honey

  1. I love eating piglet when I’m in Spain, it is so tender and delicious. I love how the Spanish really make the most of their meat. Britain really should follow suit. This looks really lovely.

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