7 Links Challenge

My new friend ChgoJohn from the Bartolini kitchens honored me with a “nomination” to this challenge that has been going around the blogosphere for a while now.

I’m certainly thrill. And to have a better idea I followed back the invitations others blogs have been receiving to see if I can find “the first one”, no luck there, but it was a journey through the most amazing blogs, so it was totally worth it.

For those of you who don’t know the procedure, the purpose of the challenge is to select posts from 7 categories from your own blog, then past the torch and invite other bloggers to do the same, at least 5.

The 7 categories are:

 1. Most Popular Post
 2. Most Controversial Post
 3. Most Helpful Post
 4. Most Beautiful Post
 5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post
 6. Most under Rated Post
 7. Most Proud of Post

Here I go:

1. Most popular Post

Suspiros, based on the number of hits and the acceptance at home this is the most popular. At first I used to write both recipes, English and Spanish, on the same post, so it is likely that some
English-speaking readers have overlooked this recipe, but you just have to scroll down a bit to find the English version. Its name means sigh and they are a delicious traditional recipe from Panama.

2. Most Controversial Post

The WYD Bavarois, it didn’t get to many hits, no bad comments either, but while I was writing it down I got the feeling that it might be too controversial…

3. Most Helpful Post

Here I don’t know, probably the Saint Isidore’s donuts, because it took a lot of research so, at least it was helpful to me! But then again, this is one of those English-Spanish-same post incident…  Scroll down.

4. Most Beautiful Post

I think that is the Cheesecake Squares. Lovely pictures.

5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post

“Mama Elsa” lentils soup, because this is a family recipe and it may not look that good (it is good). The name of the recipe refers to my Grandmother. Another both languages post.

6. Most under rated post

The Breaded zucchini, that was not a shock to me at all, not one of my finest hours…

7. Most Proud of Post

Here I will say the First Communion Cake I made in May for my son, the picture is not that good, but the cake was delicious and everybody loved it.

And now the invitation to some fellow bloggers. I have to say that most of the blogs I follow already had taken part in this challenge. So I will add some new blogs that I recently discover that are great too.

1. Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

2. FrugalFeeding

3. Beautiful Disasters

4. Auberginepizza

5. The Occasional Chef

Wow, that was tough! Enjoy the challenge and visit all these blogs they are very good.

7 Replies to “7 Links Challenge”

  1. I really like your blog and am glad that you accepted the challenge. Your photography makes you dishes shine, so delicious looking. Well done!

  2. I am very proud of you, I am panamanian and use to read your blog, I want to congratulate you for our recipes. Go ahead and keep it up!
    May the Lord. Jesus bless you and your family as well.

    1. Hola Mayra, muchísimas gracias por su comentario y bendiciones. Me encanta que me lea, espero que siga viniendo regularmente. Intento variar un poco pero cada poco procuro subir alguna receta de nuestro querido Panamá.
      Si tiene alguna sugerencia no dude en hacermela llegar.


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