Clams with Oloroso

This summer at the beach we had some delicious clams. It was at a place where we go every year several times for dinner, so I took the audacity to ask for the recipe and not only they gave it to me, but also gave me a bottle of Oloroso Alfonso to prepare it. They are charming, but made ​​me promise not to divulge his secret recipe, so today I cannot prepare those clams for my blog, instead I bring you clams with oloroso, which although not as good as those, are delicious too.  They are very easy to make so you have no excuse.


 500 grams fresh clams
 Olive oil
 4 cloves garlic
 Half a glass of Oloroso
 One tablespoon of flour


Put the clams in cold water for a while to clean them well. Meanwhile heat oil in a pan and put the garlic cut into pieces when they begin to brown add the flour and paprika and stir a bit, then incorporate the clams and oloroso, cook over medium / high heat until they open and the sauce thickens slightly. Finally sprinkle with a little chopped fresh parsley.

The clams are served immediately and remember the two golden rules:

1.The clams that have not opened are bad so do not eat them.
2.Have ready some good bread, because the best of all is to soak in the sauce.


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3 Replies to “Clams with Oloroso”

    1. Merci!
      If you can’t find sherry, you can replace it with white wine and voilà, Clams “a la marinera” (Clams in white wine sauce or palourdes en sauce au vin blanc). They are very delicious too. Enjoy!

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