Milk Candy from Panama or “Huevitos de Leche”

Okay, I admit, the “huevitos de leche” (eggs of milk or milk candies) are a calorie bomb, why deny it, they have in their favor though been made of milk, so they must be a bit healthy too (and decadently delicious).

Going against my golden rule for the summer (not too much time in the kitchen) I spent two hours stirring, but I think it was worth it. My fellows residents in Panama will ask me why all that trouble when you can go and come back in five minutes from the “tienda” or the Supermarket and buy them …
Yeah, but first I have in mind all Panamanians around the world who may feel nostalgic about their childhood and want to prepare and eat a typical Panamanian sweet, second I made them for my children and they loved them. I must confess that I made them for me too, because it’s been decades since the last time I ate one, thank goodness the kids have almost finished with them because my figure would pay the price of my whim.

I hope you like them and if you have the time, try to make a batch, they are ideal for children’s parties or an afternoon tea with friends, to bring to the movies or a picnic…


1 liter of milk
750 grams of sugar
2 tablespoons flour or cornstarch
1 cinnamon stick


In a saucepan put the milk, sugar and cinnamon to simmer on medium / low heat and stir occasionally until mixture begins to boil (careful not to spill), in a bowl mix the cornstarch or flour with a  little warm milk to dissolve it and then add to the saucepan. This step is optional, but helps speed up the process so I recommend it.

We must continue stirring and watching it does not stick. The mixture is ready when golden brown and a consistency that allows to see the bottom of the saucepan when you remove with a spoon.

Let it cool a little and while still warm, form the eggs and cover with a bit of icing sugar,  if you want wrap them in colored paper (it’s the way they look in Panama).



8 thoughts on “Milk Candy from Panama or “Huevitos de Leche”

    1. Hola Zuleika,
      Ahh, Sinterklaas! Cuantos recuerdos! Jajajaja. Con estas cantidades te salen bastantes huevitos, depende un poco del tamaño que los hagas. Con un tamaño medio, salen alrededor de unas 3 docenas. Pero no te lo puedo decir seguro.
      Un saludo

  1. I am wondering if these candies end up having the consistency of fudge or more like a caramel. I have never had them and am trying to help my high schooler prepare them for his Spanish class project. Also, once made, do these need to be refrigerated?

    1. Hi Shannon, these will have a crumbly texture, because once cool they will be a bit dry, melting in your mouth dry…
      I hope this helps. And no, they don’t need refrigeration.
      Thanks for your comment and look!!

  2. Hola hice la mezcla pero al tratar de hacer las bolitas se volvió muy dura y arenosa cuando trate de formarlos sera que lo cocine por mucho tiempo? si si, cual es el tiempo ideas de cocción?

    1. Hola Andrea, muchas gracias por tu comentario. Siento mucho que no te saliera la receta, pero seguro que la próxima funciona. El tiempo dependerá un poco de el método de cocción (inducción, fuego, etc..). Yo tardé unas dos horas y no tuve problemas. Intenta reducir el tiempo un poco. En cuanto puedas ver el fondo de la olla al pasar la cuchara deja de cocinar y no esperes a que se enfríen demasiado antes de ponerte a hacer las bolitas. También puedes reducir la cantidad de maicena o harina si las usaste ya que estas ayudan a que la mezcla espese más rápido.
      Espero haberte ayudado. Un saludo,

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