Holidays by the sea

I’m back from a short but intense holiday in one of the most beautiful places in Spain (my opinion): New Sancti Petri, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz … During these days I have not cooked much, actually I haven’t cooked at all (except some sandwiches to eat by the sea). We dedicate our time to enjoy the delicious food of the south. But I have not forgotten you, beside having a glass of “manzanilla” on your names, I took photos of some of the dishes that we ate there to give you an idea of how good they look, though I can’t show you probably the best: the fried “boquerones”, grilled shrimp (or cooked), the “puntillitas”, prawns and shrimp … sorry, but as soon as they got to the table they disappeared!.
But to make up for this “no graphics” lapse, I’ve found some great recipes and I will gradually share them with you so you could emulate the chefs from the south of Spain.

Here you have the photos and I promise to start cooking as soon as I catch up with the laundry …


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